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Rob Searle and Jennifer Britt have lived in Chobham, together, for more than four decades in a house named Hedgehog Hall.


Before that Rob lived in the village... well, for all his life.

We have earned a living doing many jobs, employed and self-employed, but our roots are in local newspaper reporting, so writing about village news is where our hearts lie.


Robert has retired after a final 7-year stint in local reporting for the Chobham and Woking News & Mail. As he has now signed up to be press officer for a growing number of village organisations, his copy will continue to help fill the pages. 

You will also find him often occupied with Chobham Common and

Chobham Carnival.

Jennifer is an admin for the ChobhamNet Facebook news page and has also created the Chobham Loves business and community directory. 


Then there is Chobham Festival and she continues to work part-time for the local charity Surrey Care Trust.

As well as writing, Rob is an experienced layout designer with advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite and offers tuition in InDesign.

We are always interested in freelance commissions for writing and/or design.


You can contact us on 01276 857914 or

07962 990618 or by emailing us at

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